Tres Aqua (the album, the song)

A new album with all instruments performed by Guy Lee except for the cool vocals of Frankie Lee on "Fresh Beginnings". An Ibanez nylon string AEG10NE guitar carries the melody of every tune. Three steel string acoustics give the foundation of each song (inspired by the aura of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass). "Tre Aqua" (both the song and album) was inspired by the three shades of blue water in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Vero Beach in Florida. The song "Tre Aqua" has three different music movements as well.

Press / Reviews

Guy Lee is an exceptional guitarist” - Brevard Live Magazine
"Guy Lee is a player with killer chops" - Shane Theriot - Hall and Oates, The Neville Brothers, solo artist”
Imagine Kenny Burrell got together with Les Paul, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Jeff Beck for a jam session, and you might have some insight where guitarist Guy Lee is coming.” - Progression Magazine
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